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What we do at my Better Benefits . . .              

For seventeen years, the team that manages my Better Benefits has been developing and implementing employee savings programs, the culmination of which is my Better Benefits, now the largest and most comprehensive program of its kind in the Northeast - offering over 3,500 ways to save including a unique cash back rewards program for members.

We are governed by an independently elected Board of Directors.

The mission of my Better Benefits is "to work in partnership with member organizations to create a more informed and caring workforce - one aware and invigorated by a deeper understanding of resources available to employees and the community at large."

my Better Benefits was formed for the charitable purpose of aiding underprivileged children in the communities we serve who are in need of food, medical attention, clothing, and shelter by providing direct contributions and contributions of gifts in kind to organizations that  provide housing, family support services, food and medical attention to children and their families. mBB is to be an informational resource for human resource and benefits professionals of participating companies  who seek to improve the welfare of children in their communities, enhance their benefits offerings to volunteers and families, and improve the professionalism of their staff by providing wellness and recreational offerings, sponsoring workshops and seminars on wellness.  We have been providing savings and discounts to our membership since 2002.  In 2014, we became a not-for-profit and in 2015, we were formally granted charitable organization status by the IRS.       

my Better Benefits is a tax exempt organization under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)3.  Our designation makes us entirely unique among organizations of our type and is the major point of difference between our organization and others.  We exist to serve, not to make a profit.


Support . .

my Better Benefits is supported by the most generous donations from:


PLATINUM LEVEL DONORS ($2,500 or more annually)


Budget Rent A Car

Choice Hotels International

Cove Haven Entertainment Resorts

Iroquois Employee Services Program 

Wyndham Hotels


GOLD LEVEL SUPPORTERS ($1,000 to $2,499 annually):

Darien Lake Theme Park Resort

Harlem Globetrotters



SILVER LEVEL SUPPORTERS ($500 to $999 annually):

Downstairs Cabaret Theater

Enchanted Forest Water Safari

Geva Theatre Center

Rochester Rattlers

Rochester Razorsharks

Rochester Red Wings

Rochester Rhinos


BRONZE LEVEL SUPPORTERS ($250 to $499 annually):

Blackfiars Theatre

Canobie Lake Park

Cedar Point

Delta Sonic

Fantasy Island

H & R Block

Herb Phillipson's Outfitters for the Great Outdoors

Hershey Park

Jackson Hewitt Tax 

Killington Ski Resort

Little Theatre

Marineland of Canada

Morey's Piers Amusement Parks


Roseland Wake & Waterpark

Seabreeze Amusement Park

Six Flags New England



African Lion Safari

Buckmans Car Wash

DELL University / DELL Computers

Genesee Country Village and Museum

IHG Hotels

JCC Centerstage

Mountain Creek Waterpark

Rochester Museum and Science Center

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

Six Flags Great Escape

United Way Day of Caring (anonymous donors)

Water Country USA, Portsmouth, NH


A special thank you to the above organizations for their contributions that went above and beyond the norm in supporting our activities to benefit children in the communities we serve.


How we operate . . .

my Better Benefits is a professional organization started by the team that ran RARES for 12 years.   We recognized the need for a much more comprehensive and effective program and started mBB in 2014 to offer significantly more to companies and their employees than other organizations offered and to give back to children in the communities we served.  Service and responsiveness has always been the hallmark of the team that leads mBB and no other organization can match us in those respects. 

In addition to our charitable activities, mBB was created in part to assist in offering employee benefits and savings on products and services to its membership.  Our offerings are not just local, but regional and national in scope.  For example, we work with organizations such as Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics (Johnson & Johnson) and Xerox to not only provide savings to their employees in New York but also throughout the U.S. including savings on movie theatres, car rentals, hotels, and hundreds of amusement and water parks nationwide.   Our wide variety of programs and services include human resource seminars and educational offers for the HR & Benefits fields.  Our program is the largest of its kind in the area with more participating companies and more than five  times as many savings opportunities for our membership.

Our member companies nominate a representative to serve as their contact point with my Better Benefits and who disseminates information to that company's employees.  Most of these representatives are Human Resource Directors or Benefits Specialists who work in employee benefits, services, and/or recreation fields. In its simplest state, mBB exists to both increase employee retention and build corporate morale.  We are a cost effective means of offering an additional employee benefit to your company.

my Better Benefits solicits contributions and raises funds from its members in order to complete its mission.  It also solicits  membership fees from  to support the undertakings of the organization which include educational activities in the areas of human resource management and employee relations as well as charitable undertakings aimed at providing access to recreation venues for underprivileged youth in our region.  We give back to our community - complimentary tickets, reduced or free memberships to companies working with children and youth in the communities we served.  In 2016 and 2017, we donated back over 35% of our revenues in this fashion.  Our CEO and staff have provided assistance either in the form of direct contributions or gifts-in-kind to support the activities of organizations such as RSVP, Lifespan, the Center for Youth, the Center for Disability Rights, The Golisano Children's Hospital, The Childfirst Network, Action for a Better Community, the Society for the Protection and Care of Children, the Pediatric Unit and the Pediatric Heart Unit at Rochester General Hospital (Sands-Constellation Heart Institute), the Friends of Strong Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Rochester, Foodlink, Mary Cariola Children's Center, Planned Parenthood, Aids Care Rochester (now Trillium Health), Canandaigua YMCA, Rochester YMCA, Easter Seals of NY, Highland Hospital, Bushnell's Basin Volunteer Fire Department, Artisan Works, WXXI, Jazz 90.1, the Genesee Country Village and Museum, YMCA of Greater Rochester, Henrietta Volunteer Fire Department and the Children's Tumor Foundation at the University of Rochester.

We like to say that my Better Benefits is many things to many people.  First and foremost, we are an organization dedicated to promoting and bettering the benefits packages of our member companies and improving the professionalism of their HR & Benefits staffs.  That's why we were founded and that's why we continue to exist.

Our mission statement notes that my Better Benefits is dedicated to promoting Employee Services and Recreational programs as an integral factor in sound business management principles and workforce readiness initiatives by providing education, networking and resources to those of you responsible for employee morale programs.  That's a mouthful, but it does summarize why we do what we do.  We're more than just savings opportunities for our members.  By providing adjunct services such as wellness programs and savings on health benefits, we endeavor to be part of an integral solution to a companies benefits needs.  We're here to raise morale.  That's what we do and we do it well!


Employee morale managers typically work in the human resource departments of organizations. They are responsible for managing employee services, including recreation programs, community services, recognition programs, event planning, childcare/eldercare services, convenience services, and travel offerings. Employee Morale and Recreation Association exists to enhance the employee services profession through education, peer networking and discounts on products and services. 

As a key part of what it does, my Better Benefits offers savings on products and services to its membership.  The organization hosts professional development seminars on topics ranging from human resource issues to those involving marketing and production.  To these HR benefits representatives who serve as the interface between my Better Benefits office and their respective companies, we are an invaluable resource - providing cost effective employee benefits with ease.

To our more than 350,000 individual members (and their families), we are a source of savings on everything from food to legal services to amusement and recreation. 

To the companies who join my Better Benefits to promote their products or services through the discounts offered to our larger membership, the association is the most cost effective method of promotion available.  Member companies may pay a membership fee to be a current member of the organization.  The organization may obtain revenue (i.e., commissions) from purchases of online merchandise offered at a discount on the web site. 

mBB does endorse the vendors who are members of my Better Benefits and encourages members to support these organizations with their purchases.  Likewise, we investigate complaints of alleged issues with  offerings and asks that the membership report any concerns immediately to my Better Benefits office.  my Better Benefits will make every effort to review and if necessary mediate a resolution and may take action for violations including revocation of membership for violations of policy and procedures.  We've existed as a corporate entity since 2006.


What is the Purpose of my Better Benefits?

The purpose of my Better Benefits is to bring together individuals and companies seeking savings on their everyday purchases with vendors who are wiling to provide our membership with savings.   We exist to supplement the benefits offerings of our respective employer members.


Why are we better?

Very simply put, we've been doing this a long time.  Seventeen years ago, we took over the management of another organization that was near bankruptcy.  Over the course of 12 years, we built that organization into what was in 2014, the largest and best run entity in NY state.  In late 2014, we lost a proxy fight and were fired from that organization.  Then members of that Board formed my Better Benefits.  Within one year, we were larger than our former employer.  Within two years, 68% of the companies that had once been part of that organization switched their benefits programs to my Better Benefits.  After three years, the % of HR & Benefits managers who switched their program to mBB was over 80%.  Today, we are the largest program of our kind in the Northeast and rival most national organizations.  For a point-by-point detailed comparison, take a look here.

Program Features

my Better Benefits

Your Current Program ?

Web site updated daily


Regular weekly newsletter


Web site optimized for mobile


Online purchasing from your mobile device


HRCI credit for human resource professionals


Exclusive local & regional offers - Rochester Air Show, Marineland, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Genesee Country Village and Museum, Fantasy Island, Schoen Auto, Geva Theatre Center, RAPA, Blackfriars Theatre, Syracuse University Sports, and others


Exclusive national offers - Disney on Ice, Harlem Globetrotters, Monster Jam, etc.


Over 3,500 opportunities to save


Customer service available by phone or e-mail - 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week


Lowest price on car wash & movie tickets  
Same day pickup of tickets available for Rochester-area residents, 7 AM-7 PM, 7 days a week  
Lowest company membership dues  

Membership benefits also extend to family members



What my Better Benefits delivers for its member companies . . .

Our member companies pay an annual fee to access timesaving resources, tools, and information about discounts and free services available to their employee members.  my Better Benefits provides the following service to our member companies and their employees:

  1. HRCI continuing education credit for HR professionals;

  2. Self-contained savings information conveniently displayed on this web-site.  Over 3,500 ways to save;

  3. Cash Back Rewards program - a unique program that features coupon specials as well as cash back to members;

  4. Regular newsletter mailings with new discount information.  Our newsletters are typically published on Thursday mornings of each week;

  5. Often, we feature the most significant savings available in the region;

  6. One stop-shopping for consignment tickets – the opportunity to purchase tickets (consignment and pre-pay) from one vendor (my Better Benefits office) as opposed to many separate entities;

  7. If a company does not wish to participate in the consignment ticket program, their employees may purchase tickets normally available on consignment directly from my Better Benefits office - reducing time demands upon company personnel;

  8. Minimized time spent talking with sales reps concerning discounts;

  9. Easy employee access to discount information via the web-site;

  10. Opportunity to network with other professionals about employee benefits and needs.

Employee services and recreation programs create positive work environments for employees.  Through a Better Benefits Club membership companies will be able to network and enhance your employee services and recreation programs.  This results in:

·  Increased Productivity

·  Increased Motivation

·  Improved Morale

·  Improved Attendance

·  Improved Teamwork and Camaraderie Among Employees

·  Reduced Turnover

These benefits promote healthy activities for employees and their families, lead to better relations between employers and employees and save companies millions of dollars!


How my Better Benefits performs for its vendors . . .

Vendor membership in my Better Benefits is paid annually (and may be less for not-for-profit or out-of-area companies). 


my Better Benefits Service Directory is published annually (updated regularly). It contains information about each of our vendors and participating company programs and is used as a resource by the company representatives when they are promoting your program or service to their employees or need answers to often asked questions concerning your program or service (i.e., costs, hours, limitations, etc.)

A complete mailing, e-mail, and telephone list of my Better Benefits representatives within our membership (typically Human Resource and Benefits Specialists) is also available at a small charge to our vendors - providing you with an excellent means for creating the opportunity for one-on-one contact.


Our online newsletter is published regularly (46+ times a year) with a distribution of 29,000+ and is available (space permitting) for promoting your program on a regular basis.

We will design other e-mails to that allow you to target your promotions directly to HR/Benefits personnel.

Web Site Marketing

my Better Benefits also helps you promote your products through our web site.  Banner ads, vendor profiles and links to your company's web site are all available.  If a Better Benefits Club company member agrees to offer your program they will distribute promotional materials and sell the program to their employees and their families.

The most successful vendors in my Better Benefits are those who truly offer a real value and significant discount on their product or service coupled with a good promotional program and a strong desire to work closely with my Better Benefits office and its members.

Vendor & Benefits Fairs

Vendors are invited to mBB companies benefits and wellness events.  Vendor Fairs are also organized to help our vendors promote their products in a face-to-face setting with our HR and Benefits Reps.  Please contact our office for further information on upcoming events.




What do we offer our members?


Savings on airfare, hotels, rental cars, cruises, beach vacations & resorts, AAA, Disney, Universal Studios, Florida, Las Vegas . .




Savings on theme parks, waterparks, skiing, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, health & fitness, sporting goods, museums . .




Savings on movies, theatre, Las Vegas attractions, Circuses, Monster Jam, arena events, NYS Fair, concerts, NASCAR, Disney on Ice . .


Savings on shoes, women's clothing, PCs & Macs, Appliances, Auto repair & sales, direct TV, restaurants, legal services, mortgages, home repair . .




There are always new opportunities to save.  Our newsletter always highlights the latest discounts available to our members.



Contact Us

my Better Benefits

ADDRESS:  395 Garnsey Rd., Pittsford, NY  14534

PHONE or TEXT::  (585) 713-3370



send us a message

Our members come first!  If you have a question, send us a message and we'll respond to you promptly

our privacy policy                                                                                                                 © COPYRIGHT 2014 & 2017 my Better Benefits     ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

mBB is overseen by former Board members of RARES (the Regional Area Recreation and Employee Services Association and the Rochester Area Recreation and Employee Services Association).