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African Lion Safari, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada


African Lion Safari®, Canada’s Original Safari Adventure™, maintains a collection of over 1,000 exotic birds and animals comprised of over 100 different species.


Our park is comprised of over 750 acres, 250 of which provide animals with large areas of bush, grasslands or forest in which they can interact naturally with other animals as they would in the wild. 25 to 30 acres has been developed for walk through areas and exhibits and the balance of the property is comprised of farm, bush and other habitat, including 40 areas of provincially significant wetland which we maintain and monitor.


African Lion Safari® is extremely proud of the international reputation it has earned for excellence in the care, management and breeding of many endangered species, both birds and animals. African Lion Safari® strives to ensure that all guests have an enjoyable and educational day “On Safari! ™” as well as an opportunity to gain a better appreciation of the animals in our care. Plan to visit us soon!







2019 season pricing - Open daily May 4 – September 29, 2019  

  • Show your my Better Benefits ID card at the gate and save up to 20% off peak season rates from May 18 to September 2, 2019. No advance purchase required!

If your cell service does not extend into Canada from the states, you may wish to ensure that you have a printed copy of the mBB ID card with you before you go.  Otherwise you may show the mBB ID card on your cell phone.

Your mBB pricing at the gate (Prices shown are in Canadian Funds including all taxes so if the U.S. dollar remains strong against the Canadian dollar, you save even more ($1 Canadian = $0.79 U.S. 4/15/18):


  • Adults (13+) $35.80 CA  Regular peak season adult rates are $45.14 CA including all taxes - you save $8.88!  At current exchange rages, that's about $26.86 U.S.!

  • Children (3-12) $26.00 CA  Regular peak season child rates are $31.58 CA including all taxes - you save $5.88!  


Adult - 13 and up

Child - 3-12

Ages 2 & under - Free



Questions about crossing the border?  It's much easier to get over and back than you think - view this border crossing information from the Canadian government regarding documents needed for entering Canada.




Set out on a walking tour of the grounds and enjoy exciting bird and animal presentations.  See parrots, macaws and many other feathered friends from around the world and learn about their incredible intelligence and natural abilities at Parrot Paradise. Witness the unique flying styles and adaptations of hawks, eagles, owls, vultures and falcons during the Birds of Prey Flying Demonstration. Watch and learn about Asian elephants as they display their incredible strength, intelligence and agility, and meet some of their friends at Elephants and Friends.

Take pictures of the largest living land animal frolicking and playing at Elephant Swim! Twice daily, our herd of Asian elephants stroll to the Recreation Lake whey they enjoy a leisurely swim.

Let children GET WET & WILD while they splash in Misumu Bay Wet Play. This interactive water adventure features tipping buckets, water sprays and splash area. (Height restrictions apply. Seasonal.) Visit Pets' Corner and come “face to face” with some furry friends. Touch a gentle, elegant and observant Alpaca and feel its soft fleece coat, or visit a friendly herd of goats and pet nannies (female adult goats) and deer. Journey on the "Nature Boy" scenic railway as it travels through an area inhabited by animals and birds. This historic train is pulled by a miniature replica of an 1863 C.P. Huntington Steam engine. Board the "African Queen" boat and let your captain take you on a cruise around the islands to view and photograph a variety of waterfowl and land-based primates. Visit Discovery Centre and experience the textures, sizes and shapes of all kinds of wild things – feel furs, touch eggs and see antlers and skulls.



Drive-Through Game Reserves

Get closer than you ever imagined to majestic birds and animals from around the world as you drive along 9 kilometres of trail, through 7 large Game Reserves featuring Nairobi Sanctuary, Simba Lion Country, Timbavati Lion Country, Wankie Bushland Trail, Rocky Ridge Veldt, Australasia and The Americas. Drive through the Game Reserves in your own vehicle or hop aboard our air-conditioned Safari Tour Bus for an additional fee. Witness a pride of majestic lions, a herd of graceful giraffe, a crash of rhino and so much more.    



African Lion Safari® is easily accessible from anywhere. We are located off Cooper Road just outside of Cambridge, Ontario - directions here



African Lion Safari

1386 Cooper Road

Flamborough, ON







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