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Buffalo Zoo

Come out for a day to enjoy the Buffalo Zoo - the nation's third oldest zoo celebrating over 140 years!  Housing some of the world’s most exotic, endangered, and even local wildlife. At the Zoo, animals move freely in large and modest enclosures with trees, streams, pools, and other features representing their natural habitats. The Buffalo Zoo's living collection includes a variety of species from all corners of the earth.


Discounted tickets for the Buffalo Zoo must be purchased in advance - either directly from mBB (see below) or from your mBB representative in your workplace if your company participates in the consignment ticket program. 


  • Adult, regularly $12.50, only $11.00

  • Youth, ages 2-12, regularly $9.25, only $8.25

  • Senior (65+), regularly $10.25, only $9.25

Purchase Options:  Please note that the zoo furnishes these tickets only in paper form so regardless of which method of purchase you use, they will be mailed to you.

  1. By mail: This is your least expensive option Click on the link to download the mail  order form.  These tickets will be mailed to you.  There is NO tax and we do not charge S & H on Buffalo Zoo tickets.  Payment must be made by check or money order.


  1. ONLINE from the mBB Web Store.  You may use a credit card or your PayPal account to make this purchase.  These are still paper tickets that will be mailed to you. Allow 2-3 days for US mail.








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