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VacationWiser (by LutherSales)

Why settle for a staycation when a real vacation is affordable?


VacationWiser is a unique travel purchasing program that allows you to vacation through the convenience of automatic payment plans.


Not a timeshare, not a membership or a voucher program.


VacationWiser simply lets you choose a vacation within your budget and we finance it 1 YEAR INTEREST FREE.


Cruises, family vacations, honeymoons, all-inclusive packages, or a girl’s/guy’s weekend escape, VacationWiser has the getaway to fit your budget.





Here’s How It Works:


  1. Click on the image at right or the "sign up now" button below 

  2. Then, click the apply now button

  3. Create an account and fill out the 3-minute application

  4. Receive your spending limit

  5. Use our travel search engine to choose your vacation




You can travel as soon as 30 days after your first payment for resort stays or 60 days after your first payment for cruises or trips that contain airfare.


  1. You can also begin paying into your vacation with our Travel Savings Plan

  2. Apply as listed about

  3. Receive your spending limit

  4. Speak with your Travel Consultant

  5. Arrange your personalized payment plan


The funds you place toward your Travel Saving Plan are fully refundable until you book your vacation.






Program Highlights


  • Allows you to vacation within your budget

  • Convenient payments through payroll deduction

  • 1 Year Interest Free

  • Not A Timeshare, Membership or Voucher Program

  • Travel anywhere your budget allows.

  • Travel Saving Plan


Your vacation is waiting, you owe it to yourself apply today.  Call 1-800-358-2883.  Travel Now, Pay Later!  VacationWiser is part of LutherSales.  At LutherSales, we ethically help people rebuild their credit while empowering them to make essential purchases affordably, which helps them lead a better life.





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