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My Wellness Resource Card

The My Wellness Resource Card is now available at a 25%!   When you obtain the My Wellness Resource card, you enjoy no cost access to Telemedicine and discounts on Prescription Drugs, Lab Testing, Vision Care, LASIK vision correction, Dental Care, MRI & CT Scan Imaging, Hearing Aids, Lab Testing, Diabetic Care Supplies and Vitamins.  This program is not a health insurance policy but it leads to more simplicity and convenience with your health care.


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Telemedicine & TELADOC

The Association is very excited to offers its members and their families the My Wellness Resource Card at a 25% discount! 


Your discounted cost, just $8.35 a month.  Avoid just one doctor's visit with the Teladoc feature and you're not only able to receive a prescription sooner, but you can recover your monthly costs in your co-pay savings overnight.



The My Wellness Resource Card provides our members with significant discounts on:


  • Telemedicine/Teladoc - 24/7 access consultative access to a physician by phone, computer, smartphone, or tablet.  Have prescriptions arranged at the time of the consult.

  • Lab Testing - 10-80% savings.  Orders can be placed online or by phone

  • MRI & CT Scans - 50 - 75% discounts

  • Pharmacy - save 10 to 8% on most prescriptions at over 60,000 pharmacies.  Just present your card to save an average of 46% at locations nationwide.  Participating pharmacies include Wegmans, Tops, CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Target and many other independent pharmacies and regional chains.  You can even get a price quote to compare the prices at different pharmacies before you place your prescription.

  • Dental - 15 to 50% discount on dental services at over 158,000 providers nationwide.

  • Vision - Your eyes are the windows to your health. Now you and your family can see better savings at over 12,000 vision centers nationwide, including national chains and local retailers. You save 10% to 60% on glasses, contacts, laser surgery, exams and even designer eyewear. 30 to 60% off prescription eyewear including most frames, lenses, and specialty items such as tints and coating and UV protection.  10 to 30% off eye exams.  Participating chains include LensCrafters, Pearle Vision, VisionWorks, JC Penney, Sears, Target and more.  40 to 50% off the cost of average LASIK surgery.

  • Diabetes Management - Diabetes can be hard to manage–an average savings of 48% on supplies and the convenience of right-to-the-door service can make life easier. Comprehensive support and personalized care plans make it easier to manage diabetes and reduce the number of medical visits.

  • Hearing Aids - Members have access to 1,500 Beltone locations. They receive a free hearing screening and 15% off all Beltone Hearing Aids.  All technologies and models are available.

    Vitamins - is your one-stop shop for thousands of top brand vitamins, supplements, herbs, organics and natural health care products at up to 80% off retail everyday. Choose from over 400 brands and 12,000 items in stock and enjoy savings of 10% on already low prices. Members can place orders online or toll free by phone.


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Your discounted cost, just $8.35 a month.  Avoid just one doctor's visit with the Teladoc feature and you're not only able to receive a prescription sooner, but you can recover your monthly costs in your co-pay savings overnight.


TELADOC:  At mBB, we're very excited about the Teladoc or Telemedicine component of the Wellness Resource Card.  With physicians available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, Teladoc provides convenient access to quality care from home, work, or on-the-go as opposed to more expensive and time consuming alternatives like the urgent care center or emergency room.  Let's say you're a working mom with young kids.  One of your kids develops an ear infection late at night or picks up a cold from someone in day care or school.  You contact Teladoc and through either a phone or video consultation, the diagnosis is made, treatment recommended, a prescription provided when appropriate and you're done.  You don't have to take time off work to take your children in for what you already know is the issue, or rush to an ER or urgent care center when your doctor's office is closed.  Don't spend time waiting in an ER with other sick patients.  And the cost of the consultation:  FREE.  You win, your employer wins, your kids win.   We're investing in a Wellness Access Card for all of our mBB office staff and their families.  We think you should to.


Telemedicine does not replace your doctor.  It's an affordable alternative to keep you and your family health in between regular visits to your doctor, not instead of

Here's what FOX News recently said about Teladoc. 

Need more convincing?  Hear what ABC News has to say about Telemedicine here. 

And remember when you watch these videos, you pay $8.35 a month for Wellness Access and ALL of your Telemedicine/Teladoc consults are free.




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